Monday, 20 May 2013

When Desires Overtake Needs

I love the fact that in this modern digital age, everything is possible with just a click of a cursor. It makes shopping a LOT easier and being the meek me, I fall for things veryyyyy easily. Especially when I found stores that sell CHEAP stuff! Come on maaaan how can I say no to an RM5 moustache ring??

Things even get crazier with Instagram. Everytime I log into my IG account, there comes photos of pretty sweaters, tops, handbags urghhhh why do I even follow those stores asdfghjkl! Few moments later, I'd find myself transferring money from one account to another -___-

However, there are things that I buy without any thoughtful consideration where some clothes end up not suitable for me which often leads to a pile of unused stuff at a corner in my room. Seeing this, I know that it is unwise of me to spend all my (parents') money on worthless purchase. I know that this sickness (lolwhut) needs to stop but I just don't know where to start.    

So the other day when I was browsing through NY Times, I stumbled upon this wonderful article written by the founder of, Graham Hill on how he manages to escape from extreme consumerism.  

He explains how he became rich, how he managed to get everything he wanted but still found himself unhappy, and how he finally left his "unnecessarily complicated" life. Read more here. It's worth the read, trust me.

"I have less — and enjoy more.
My space is small. My life is big."

(Graham Hill, 2013).

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bed Rant

Stuck. In the name of necessity. 
Having to conform to whatever rolls,
without the rush to even glance. 

Hence the art of what-ifs.
Question after question. 

When can I go my own way,
and perhaps, feel free?
But then what free is there  
when company is uncertain?

The choice is yours, you'd say.
Choice? Ha! 

Saturday, 3 November 2012


What is it, you might wonder. It's Mahallah Ruqayyah International Festival. I'm not usually concerned over getting involved in any kinds of festivals unless someone informs me about them but since it's organised by our own Mahallah (College) Ruqayyah, I guess it feels somewhat a duty for me to actually contribute something in return. I volunteered as a committee for a coloring contest organised for kids. Our roles are divided fairly during meetings and I was in charge in the Prep&Tech; the one who prepares every material needed for the actual event. 

            The contest was held this morning at the mahallah hall and alhamdulillah we gained quite an impressive number of participants :D Since we're all first timers, things went rather chaotic before we finally got it under control heee. 

            Oh oh and the participants! Little kids clinging to their older brother and sister, it's just so sweet :') There's this cute little boy calling me "Kakak, kakak, abang dah siap" referring to his older brother who's done coloring. And then he kept on asking his abang "Abang, abang, monyet ni warna apa? Urm mata dia?" which is to me, sangat comel hihi.

            While the evaluation was going on in some secret room, we had some games for the kids. One was the so-called musical chair; can't go without it can we? Haha. So it's quite troublesome when we have these little siblings clinging on to their abangs and kakaks because you see, accidents could happen in the middle of these kids struggling (Y) hard to get themselves a chair. But this one little boy, around 2 or 3 y/o, just won't let go off her sister! I thought the sister would shoo him away but what touches me was the fact that the sister just simply asked "Boleh tak kalau dia duduk atas riba saya?" . We all went "Aaaaaaa boleh boleh" but thankfully their mother came into rescue, pulling away the little boy.  Settled. The game then continued, and in games of course we had those losing ones. A girl cried when she had to give her chair to her sister :'( In the end the two of them were dragged out of the game by their mother, trying to console the older one. 

            After the event, a parent came up to one of our committees and literally thanked us for our good effort. He said he never had any father-son bonding time with his child due to his busy job as a lawyer but today, he said his son came up to him and say "Thank you" sebab bawak dia masuk contest ni :') I got a little teary. It felt really great to know that we actually did some good to other people. 

There's just so much things we can learn from kids.
May God bless. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Severe Cases

Will you help
destroy the devil?

Crush them into crumpled paper
torn into tiny pieces,
Scatter them on fire 
turned into ashes,

Let the black particles flew along with the breeze
directed to the open,
Let us drown them deep in the blue
to the soil downward.

Where lights are foreign,
Not even to peek.

Where revival is an option no longer relevant.