Friday, 30 March 2012

One Hell of A Week

Pretty exaggerating huh? The real thing may not be that bad but I find this past few days rather exhausting and tiring that I was totally worn out. It was seriously torturing. I don't know what's the exact point of me actually telling this, but I think it MAY ease everything, even just a bit. This is the list of my recent unfortunate events.

1.    I went home a couple weeks back. On 19th morning I had my braces tightened then headed back to PJ that evening. I was kind of happy since the doctor had my band colour changed to PINK! This one REALLY pays. Imagine having your teeth being forced inward. It hurt like hell. I was even awakened in the middle of the night by this so called dental pain. Padan muka siapa suruh pakai braces. >.< 

2.    The mishap continued the next day, or the next two days. I couldn't recall. I was walking back from IRK class along the corridor together with my friends. I was the one in front and I walked very slowly since I was sleepy. Muehehe biasa la lepas kelas IRK. Mengantuk sakan. One very slow step after another then BOOM! There I fell. Don't talk to me about getting all embarrassed. -,-  So then again, the pain. UNBEARABLE I TELL YOU ! My left feet was swollen to the extent where I can't even walk properly. It still is :( The short trip to the bathroom had never seemed so long. It hurt so much that I cried while in the shower :'( And time-time macam ni la yang teringat umi abah so homesick pun datang balik.

3.   I misplaced my file.

4.   FYI I need to verify my graduation slip and send it to the office before being able to further my degree in Gombak. Guess what? The. slip. was. in. that. file. The deadline for the verified slip submission was the next day. GREAT. 

5. I went everywhere looking for the file. Turned out I left it at the class -,- Seeing the slip in the file, you couldn't tell how relieved I was. What I had to do next was to hand it to Madam Adlina for her verification and that's it. Or so was what I thought. When I went to see her she told me that I had to send it to the General Office before she could sign it. Okay.

6. Now where the hell is the GENERAL OFFICE? She did explain how to get there but I was in a state in which my mind couldn't interpret things properly. I was mad. My friends could just simply hand in their slips without going to the General Office. Why can't I do the same? 

7.  With my swollen feet, I went seeking for the so called GO. I went to the Information Center but nobody was there. So I went to whatever office there was and asked. A staff told me that the GO was the Art Department. Off to the Art Department I went. When I stepped inside, a pakcik with a pretty garang face asked me harshly "Nak apa ni?". Note this please. Do not garang-garang with me. I'm FRAGILE. I was so offended by his rudeness that I began to cry. Only then he tried to be nice. 

"Eh awak kenapa ni?"  Did you really need to see my tears to treat me nicely? I tried to answer "Saya nak tau GO dekat bangunan mana" but nothing came out from my mouth as I was already sobbing. Bahu terhinggut bagai. You can say I was breaking down really hard. And there was this brother yang mashaallah baik sangat datang and tanya "What's wrong?" "Are you having any problem?" "Take a seat and calm down." I couldn't say anything because of the sobbing. All I did was shaking my head. He saw the blue slip I was holding and took it. 

"Ohh. Is there anything wrong with your results record?"
*shaking head*
"So you're crying because of other problem?"
*nodding head*
"You need to send this to the IRKHS Department for verification first before submitting it here."
All I could say was "Thanks." 

He even handed me some tissues oh so kind la this guy. God bless him. So I went back to my room and decided to go to IRKHS Department after having lunch since it was lunch hour. Nobody would be there at that time anyway. Dalam bilik sambung sobbing lagi sampai roommmates pun tak berani tegur. 

Sedih nya sedih nya sedihnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa gigi sakit kaki sakit fail hilang tak jumpa GO lepastu kena tengking dengan pakcik tu tsk.

April, please be nice.  

Friday, 16 March 2012

March 16th

Love Between You and Me

"Love dengan siapa?" dia tanya. "Dengan Dia" jari telunjuk ke atas.

IM Nazrul started off by stating evidences which proves bahawasanya Dia lah yang Maha Penyayang. Tapi missed banyak points sebab tak bawak buku nota :( Pen pun taaaaak. Apa ni apa ni pergi talk tapi tak bawak apape sobs.

1. Allah jadikan kita manusia. Sebaik-baik kejadian. Jadikan kita khalifah di bumi. He bestowed upon us nikmat penglihatan, nikmat pendengaran dan yang paling penting, nikmat akal. 
2. Allah utuskan rasul dan panduan kepada manusia. Meaning, He doesn't let us wander aimlessly in this world without any guidance. Sangat loving, kan?
3. Allah bukakan pintu taubat buat manusia. Sebab Allah dah tau fitrah manusia ni memang suka kepada kemungkaran.

And this one particular hadith, proves it all :')
"Allah Yang Maha Tinggi berfirman; Wahai anak Adam, sesungguhnya jika kamu berdoa kepada Ku dan mengharapkan Ku, maka Aku akan mengampunimu atas semua dosa yang kamu lakukan, dan Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak Adam, andaikata dosa-dosamu itu sampai ke puncak langit kemudian kamu meminta ampunan kepada Ku nescaya Aku ampuni dan Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak Adam, seandainya kamu datang kepada Ku dengan dosa yang besarnya seisi bumi seluruhnya kemudian datang menemui Ku dan tidak menyekutukan Aku dengan yang lain, nescaya Aku akan datang kepadamu dengan ampunan yang besarnya seisi bumi seluruhnya."    
      - Hadis sahih taken here, mentioned by IM Nazrul.
What do we do in return? 

Monday, 12 March 2012


Ada yang hilang.

Tapi tak tau apa benda nya.

Faham tak the sense of incompleteness?

Perjalanan mencari apa yang hilang bukan senang.

Dan tak susah.

Antara mahu dan tidak, itu je.